Just finished 'Sideline', my latest Ludum Dare game!

It was LD30, and I went for it alone and created 'Sideline', a dual stick shooter with multiple space-time-color dimensions.

The game is quite fun, I recommand a x360 usb controller to really enjoy it. Can you beat my 45000 score ;) ?

Ludum Dare 29: Lets Innovate With Happy Fishing

These past few months I joined the Ludum Dare Paris event twice. The idea is to create a game in 48 hours (about 20 hours of work).

During Ludum Dare #29 I joined Damian to create a Flash/Unity dual game: Happy Fishing. Basically the idea was to make two games, and have them communicate locally in a web browser, one game created with Flash, and one with Unity. One would be in 2D, and one in 3D. Result was unimpressive, but we got a medal in Innovation anyway! Crazy. More infos on Damian's Happy Fishing blog post.

Enter The Brain

Enter the Brain was created during Global Game Jam 2014. In the game you navigate inside the brain of an unknown patient, and uncover the misteries of his condition.

Abstract Design of a basic RPG with Machinations

Today I discovered Machinations thanks to this excellent Gamasutra article. On Machinations Wiki we can read that: "Machinations is a theoretical framework and an interactive, dynamic, graphical representation that describes games as dynamic systems and focuses on closed feedback loops within them. The intention is to find a way to express and investigate (recurrent) game structures methodologically. Machinations offers a new lens on the intuitive and delicate practice of game design and balancing. (...)". The tool is part of a PhD thesis by Joris Dormans, and it's lovely.

As my first experiment I tried to re-create a simple RPG game, at the macro level. In this abstract game diagram you can : kill enemies, level up, upgrade your stuff, die and revive, and trade gold for health.

Please note that Machinations was not created to play games, but to discuss game design and prototype game mechanics. So you might find yourself a bit lost when trying to play this :)

Anyway, to play this abstract RPG game diagram, just clic on the Run (R) button on the bottom left corner :)

The Last Rainbow, Ludum Dare 10 Year Anniversary

Last week-end was Ludum Dare 10 year anniversary. The goal was to create a game in 2 days following the theme : "Tiny World".

I created a very simple physic game 'The Last Rainbow' where you bounce a ball on a little planet. It's basically a one button game, where the goal of the game is to score as high as possible :)

You can play The Last Rainbow here : "The Last Rainbow" (PLAY).

The game is available on the Ludum Dare web site as well, you will be able to see its vote rating soon : The Last Rainbow competition entry

Global Game Jam 2012

This past week-end I participated in my first Global Game Jam, and it was a blast. It was in the center of Paris, in the Isart Digital school, and the idea was to make a game in one week-end. We were 4 guys and we worked about 35 hours to make "The Loop" (PLAY).

The goal of the game is to surround enemies, and destroy 'boss structures' by flying into blue links. It's inspired from Flow, Geometry Wars, and other top down shooter. Except in our game, we don't shoot :)

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