Trees! Ludum Dare #34

Created a little puzzle game over the weekend, it's about growing a tree and i'm very happy with the result!

Play HERE :)

The Wish Monster, Ludum Dare #33

Another Ludum Dare, another game! This time it's a human experiment, and quite a monstrous one: The Wish Monster.

But the Wish Monster is not really a video game. It's more of a human experiment, and a platform for people to possibly help each other.

For now you can make 3 wishes on the site (at: ) ; I invite you to create an account and create your wishes (it's super quick), and to invite as many other people as possible to do it as well. You can then vote on other's people wishes (reddit style)

And then... there is a legend... that speaks of a Wish Monster. Maybe it will be you ?

If you become the Wish Monster, would you grant people their wishes ? Or would you swallow their wish into your monstruous belly ?

It is said that the Wish Monster will awake soon... and until then, all we can do is make our wishes.

Genetic Painter

I've been working for a few days on an algorithm that can paint using various techniques. Here is an example with my portrait using something inspired by the Van Gogh style:

If you're interested in more intermediate steps, here is a (quite heavy) GIF showing more intermediate images.

The following result is the final image of a genetic algorithm process that took about 2 hours of processing and 24113 generations of intermediate paintings:

Izle Screenshots

More screenshots in the article :)

Izle on Kickstarter

I published Izle on Kickstarter a few days ago! The feedback from the community has been really amazing so far, but we're still lacking visibility unfortunately.

I also released a public demo yesterday. Enjoy it :)

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