Izle Screenshots

More screenshots in the article :)

Izle on Kickstarter

I published Izle on Kickstarter a few days ago! The feedback from the community has been really amazing so far, but we're still lacking visibility unfortunately.

I also released a public demo yesterday. Enjoy it :)

Back Home

Back Home is an experimental atmospheric game that was created for Ludum Dare #31. It is the story of a ship lost in space, and the dialogue between its Captain and his navigation AI 'Navi'. It is a tribute to Interstellar, and an experiment creating a deep atmosphere with a short time constraints. It's also my first time creating voice over and I enjoyed it a little too much :)

It's a one-man project done in 48 hours that actually required a lot of different skills: story and creative writting, game design, gameplay engineering, 2D and 3D art, special effects, voice over and music.

It's not a game with a high density of interaction, but more of a visual and storytelling experiment. It was very challenging to write a story, design and program a game in 2 days. It is without a doubt the most challenging Ludum Dare game I've ever attempted. And I'm very happy with the result :)

Play it here (Web version)!

For a high quality full screen experience, consider downloading it:

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Linux

Our Ludum Dare entry is here.

Izle Alpha Trailer, PGW & Awards

Last week I presented Izle at the Paris Game Week! Lots of great feedback, people loved the game, and it made me so happy. Here is our latest trailer:

We also won 5 Awards at Game Connection Development Awards! Including Most Creative & Original Project!!! Crazy. Full news: http://www.game-connection.com/game-connection-europe-development-awards...

Izle Website

The new website for Izle is live at www.izlegame.com. Trailer and demo available in a few days :-)

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