The Ballet of Light and Shadows

The Ballet of Light and Shadows is a game for the gamer; testing one’s ability to glide smoothly and quickly to safety in a prism of incandescent color. It will transport your imagination on top of a rainbow, on which you will be bathed by the light, and challenged by the forces of shadows.

The game is exclusively available as a community game on the Xbox 360 in multicolored HD graphics with music from Izmo / Brawther.

This means that if you have a 360 and an internet connection, you can navigate to the online marketplace on the console and test the game for free!

The Ballet of Light and Shadows is a single player game with four very distinctive worlds. Each world is a specific challenge that you must master in order to progress and achieve as many points as possible.

In the first world, The Ballet, players find themselves caught in a brilliant prism, bathed by a myriad of colors. Meanwhile, the danger lingers precariously, threatening the existence of light and color as darkness attempts to engulf the rainbow. Shadows attack the player from every direction as the player, a single small prism of light, works to evade the darkness by dancing its way into color filled safety.

The following video shows the distinctive gameplay of every game world :

The Ballet of Light and Shadows (HD) By Alexis Bacot
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Gears of Shadow are slowly absorbing the rainbow powers, and you need to stop them by asking for support from your coloured friends. When spun around, these helpful prisms of color will release a bright explosion that will disintegrate the Shadows, buying you a few more seconds of peace. You cannot shoot the Gears so you will have to rely entirely on your allies to unshackle the rainbow from its assailants.

The Dark Tempest is advancing toward the rainbow, and the only thing you can hope for is to survive long enough for the storm to pass. Fly between the clouds or shoot them to reduce their size, but be carefull not to destroy them entirely, or you will lose points. The storm is weakening the rainbow and your light is slowly fading away, to survive you will have to collect as many bonuses as possible to prevent the rainbow from being engulfred.

The last challenge of the game is for you to contain the forces of evil in a fantastic war between the light and shadows. You will have to survive waves of darkness and prove your warrior skills in a last effort to triumph in the final war against the destructive armies of chaos.

You can download the free demo from the Microsoft marketplace using your browser , your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox LIVE.

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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