The Ballet In The Press

What does the world think of The Ballet of Light and Shadows ? Well. Not Much :)

A germain website Inside 360 writes a very brief article, that can be google-translated into English to : "The owners of the PS3 have Fl0w and Flowers, the owner of an Xbox 360 got so far largely action-arcade prefixed games.

Until now: The first trailer of the incredibly colorful and confusing XBLCG Title The Ballet of Light and Shadow is here and promises to be a psychedelic reassuring piece of software."

On Eurogamer : "If ambient lounge music was a game, it would be this. We're not 100% sure what's going on, but it looks like avoiding the shadows is a good plan."

The game is currently (23 June 2009) ranked 11 out of 28 Xbox Live Community Games on gametrailer with 5083 views on the trailer, and 41 comments.

So what should I think about this? Well... what seem to be clear is that no one really cares about the game right now, and I believe that they are some good reasons for it. The main one is that it's too abstract, and that the gameplay is not obvious enough. Also the demo doesn't include any form of story or progression, which makes the game quite meaningless at the moment. I presently treat the game as an experiment, the gameplay inside the arena is fine (almost) but needs introduction, more depth, and more meaning. That's why I'm currently working on building a world around this gameplay, with a whole story, a progression curve, and more importantly diversity into the core gameplay, in an attempt to drift away from that initial geometry wars feeling. See you next round :)

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