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I've been working for a while on improving my previous game, creating new gameplay elements, building a world, introducing more mechanics and infusing more depth to the game itself. I'm now working on the meaning of the playing experience, on what the player will feel when he will play the game and what he will learn. It's about time I introduce a story into it.

What I’m asking of you, noble reader, is today to be my guide. Why not use the internet and its web of connections, ideas and imagination, to build something new and fresh? If you feel creative today, read the following, and not only “like it” or “dislike it”, but think of what it means to you and try to create your own “bowl of ideas” from it.

a - A journey looking for the meaning of the soul. The experiment of a scientist trying to find the meaning of the soul. A journey only Me (as the ‘scientist’) could accomplish. About skepticism, and the scientific aspect of our lives versus our beliefs. Should we expect proofs for everything?

b - A journey into the human mind. The brain and its neurons, web of connections, and memories. Am I just memories? A journey in our own minds, to dig out the soul.

c - A journey every one of us has to do, in order to learn about life and our existence. A journey that will change our vision of the world, and maybe our purpose. Should I try to elevate my soul?

d - A journey that will make us think about our own beliefs about life and the nature and the destiny of our very own soul.

The previous “bowl of ideas”, mainly was inspired from 2001 Space Odyssey, Dante’s Inferno, The Philosophy of Death, Innerspace, and a few others…

So please! Feel free to comment on these ideas, and add your own! It doesn’t have to be precise, general ideas are the best, let it be abstract, themes and subjects, questions and intrigues.

The people with the very best ideas will of course be shown in the credits of the final game… or more :)

First comment/question: Did you think of these ideas by yourself because they are very good. (I think you mean "aforementioned" ideas--the ones just above right?)
Second: Each topic involves discovering the soul. What is it? Does it exist? Should I elevate it (whatever you mean by that)? What is it's destiny?

I personally find myself intrigued with the idea of: is there such a thing as a soul, and if so, how does that affect the way we live our lives? I feel somewhere in there falls the idea of universal truth and a universal code of morality. Does it exist? What is it? How did it become? Can we be good people if we have neither a universal code of morality/truth nor souls? This might be better suited for someones thesis

Now to back track and comment on each topic.

A: A journey that looks for the meaning of the soul implies that there is one, you'd have to make that clear. Asking if you "need proof for everything" would find you in a bit of a sticky situation if you already have to ask the reader to "just believe you" that there is in fact, a soul. I do really like the idea though, of "finding the meaning of the soul" or rather, "why do we have one?" (if we do). This could put you with a really boring ending. It could get very Disney on you very quickly (Because it makes us loving caring people). HOWEVER, you could be making a statement. For example, Why do we have souls? Because it makes us different from a computer, or a console, or any sort of inanimate object that seems to have a brain. I.E. we are not A.I. We have a real world to interact with UNLIKE this character they are playing at that exact moment. IRONY? Yes.

B: Memories and soul seem like a stretched connection here. If you got rid of the soul bit here however, the topic would be really nice. Are we just memories or do the things that no one remembers, even ourselves, make us us?? Your game is sort of set up to give you a feeling of "inside the brain" already. It kind of reminds me of when you press on your eyes and you start to get these colors and shapes and star bursts that are all sort of fuzzy.

C: I just don't understand what you mean by "elevate my soul" in the context of the rest of this topic. This idea seems the least developed. It is really vague. Maybe you should just toss it or explain further.

D:The last one again implies that there is a soul, which is ok, but I think I like the others that bring the soul into question. I think the main thing I would pull from this one is destiny. Many people are obsessed with whether we have destiny or not. If one has a destiny does that give them free will knowing that their end is predetermined? Are we MEANT to do something? Your different rooms could be applied to this in your game. Each room is a different "end/destiny" or maybe you could say that one does have a destiny but has different ways of getting there, which would imply that one DOES have free will. Oh, and obviously the concept of "journey" is always a good one for games.

With all of that said, you best keep your game name in the brainstorm bin for now. :)

P.S. Email me if you have questions on my gmail because I probably won't check your website very often.

Few things I really like. "It kind of reminds me of when you press on your eyes and you start to get these colors and shapes and star bursts that are all sort of fuzzy." Yes! I think that would be a very good explanation of the settings. This could be the experiment itself, the scientist who is trying to find his soul invented a machine that "shakes his head at super speed" (or find something similar), and then he sees this little ship and with patience and relaxation, he can start controlling it. Is he imagining this because of his head being shaked? Does that thing really exists? Is he "in his own mind" ? :)

The part you didn't understand could be stated this way: In this journey to try and find his own soul, the scientist might need to educate himself to learn about things he didn't care before. He learns new things, he gets "better", he improves himself, he elevate his own soul by looking for it.

I like the idea of destiny/free will. That gives me some ideas related to determinism : whatever you do, the game is pushing you toward something.

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